Land Use Board of Appeals Upholds City Council Ordinance: Kingston Terrace Master Plan

The Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) has affirmed the King City Councils decision to pass Ordinance #2023-02. LUBA denied the assignments of error because they found that the petitioner did not adequately support their challenges against the city council's decision. Specifically, LUBA concluded that the decision by the city council was supported by adequate findings and an adequate factual base. The petitioner's arguments did not convince LUBA that a reasonable person could not have reached the same conclusions as the city council did.

Therefore, LUBA determined that the city council's decision-making process was reasonable, balanced various objectives appropriately, and was in compliance with relevant planning goals and regulations. This led LUBA to affirm the city council's decision and deny the petitioner's assignments of error.

This serves as a boon for the City's plan of smart urban growth and is a significant stride towards the City fulfilling its commitments to METRO, Washington County, and the State of Oregon. The City remains committed to a vision for the future of sustainability, Natural Resource access and preservation, affordable housing development, and cultivating a community to be proud of for future generations. 
LUBA Decision