Important Update: Kingston Terrace Town Center - Local Wetlands Inventory


Important Update: Kingston Terrace Town Center - Local Wetlands Inventory


We are pleased to announce a significant milestone in our environmental planning initiatives. The Department of State Lands has recently approved the “Kingston Terrace Town Center Oregon Freshwater Wetlands Assessment Method Report” and the corresponding “Wetland Delineation maps”. This marks the first phase in the ongoing process of wetland inventory, which is both dynamic and integral to the city’s sustainable development.


Key Updates:


First Phase of Wetland Inventory: This approval signifies the commencement of the first phase in our comprehensive wetland inventory process.


Ongoing and Fluid Inventory: The wetland inventory is an ongoing, evolving process, ensuring that our environmental data remains current and effective.


Regular Updates: Every five years, each phase of the inventory will be reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect changes and new developments in the wetlands.


Statewide Wetlands Inventory Inclusion: The Local Wetlands Inventory (LWI) will now integrate into the Statewide Wetlands Inventory, enhancing our city’s planning accuracy.


Mandatory LWI Use: The LWI replaces the National Wetlands Inventory for the Wetland Land Use Notification Process (ORS 227.350).


Planning and Notification Implications: Mapped wetlands, “probable wetlands” (PW), streams, waters, and certain “artificial features” may trigger a Wetland Land Use Notification to the Department of State Lands.


Foundational Role in Wetland Planning: The LWI and functional assessment are crucial under Statewide Planning Goal 5, requiring official adoption by the city.


Learn More:


To delve deeper into these developments, please visit the following link: King City Annexations - LU # 23-09; Ordinance 2023-07 & LU # 23-08;Ordinance 2023-06


Your engagement and understanding in this matter are vital for our city’s growth and environmental health. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or for further discussion.


Thank you for your continued support and involvement.