Vision Zero Program

 Vision Zero Program

City of King City has recently adopted a vision zero program designed to allow community members the opportunity to alert the King City Police Department to possible traffic problems in their neighborhood. Such complaints might be drivers who repeatedly disobey a stop sign at an intersection, fail to slow down in school zones, or routinely speed at a particular location.

Your safety is our concern, and we are trying to educate drivers, and we also are increasing traffic enforcement in areas of concern.

If you have observed a traffic hazard and would like the King City Police Traffic Safety Team to follow up, please go to the Vision Zero Map and report it. 

Part of this program King City purchased a new electronic speed sign for use in educating motorists and will have it around your King City Neighborhoods in the following weeks.  It is different from our speed trailer; it is mounted to an existing pole and is very bright. The new sign will collect the speed data, and the information from that will be used in future speed and traffic impact studies.

 Electronic Speed Sign