Request For Proposals

For Concept Planning of approximately 600 acres in the City of King City's Urban Reserves (King City West Concept Plan) and preparation of a citywide Housing Needs Analysis, please see the instructions and map on the links below:


What is the role of the city engineer, Murray Smith & Associates? 
  • 1. To provide an existing conditions report regarding water, sanitary sewer, and storm water systems to support the project.
  • 2. To conduct an evaluation of the concept plan alternatives regarding necessary water, sanitary sewer, and storm water system improvements and associated concept planning level costs.

What is the proposed budget? 
The city has allocated $100,000 for the consultant, not including the city's engineer, planner, and staff. Additional funding would need to be authorized by the King City Council. 

What is the timeline for the project? 
The city would like to have the project completed and approved by the City Council by October 2017. 

Considering the stated available City funds of $100,000 for the Concept Plan, is there a possibility of second part/ additional funds in the City's next fiscal year budget if needed? 

Yes. Also as explained at the pre-proposal meeting, the city may approach interested property owners/developers to provide a portion of the necessary funding. 

Please provide an example of the City's sense of "scalability" with respect to natural resources as described on Page 4 (evaluation criteria). 

By "scalability" the city realizes that flood plain, riparian zones, wetlands, and other environmentally sensitive areas will have a major influence upon the amount of land available for development. In addition, these areas are expected to influence the character of urban development. At the concept plan level, the city needs to gain a clearer understanding of their extent and attributes to determine how they may influence and shape future urban development. 

Has the City developed a buildable lands inventory that can be used in the Housing Needs Analysis, or will that be a role of the selected consultant? 

The city does not have a formally prepared buildable lands inventory. The city planner may assist, but preparing one will be the role of the consultant. However, the amount of developable residential land in the city is limited to a small number of properties. 

Are there any Town Center Plan elements or lessons learned that might particularly apply to this area? 

Although the King City Town Center Plan and Implementation Strategy and this project are quite different in scope, the staff feels the following were important lessons learned; which apply to this planning effort:
  • As a small city, planning budgets will never be large, and the key is to have an efficient, yet effective process.
  • Public and agency involvement is critical for reaching sufficient consensus to move forward.
  • It is most important to place the emphasis on clearly presented background information and plan concepts while de-emphasizing glossy presentations and graphics. For example, many of the concept drawings in the final town center plan came directly from the charrette without further refinement.
  • Consultants can expect collaborative involvement and assistance from city staff, the city planner, and city engineer.