Upcoming City Council Vacancy Notice

Upcoming City Council Vacancy Notice

November 18, 2021,                                                                 Closes: December 17, 2021

The City of King City is currently accepting applications to fill an upcoming vacancy(s) on the King City Council. All applicants must attend the interview and appointment process.

Interview Dates:
  • December 29, 2021, 6:00 pm
  • January 5, 2022 (The City Council may also appoint on this date.)

The interview procedures to fill vacancies created by the City Charter, Article IV, Section 4.04 A, B, C, and D will follow Chapter 2.38.050 of the King City Municipal Code.

Appointment: January 19, 2022, 6:00 p.m.

The appointment procedures to fill vacancies created by the City Charter, Article IV, Section 4.04 A, B, C, and D will follow Chapter 2.38.060 of the King City Municipal Code.

City Council: The City of King City operates under the City Charter. The City Council is composed of seven volunteer Councilors that serve four-year terms. The City Council serves as the legislative branch of the City. Power of the City is vested in the Council except as the City Charter provides and as the Oregon Constitution reserves municipal legislative power to the electors of the City. Some responsibilities include setting and adopting all policies, adopting the annual budget, adopting ordinances and resolutions, attending meetings, determining the City's services and the funding levels for those services.

Meetings: City Council meets regularly on the third (3rd) Wednesday of each month. Special and emergency meetings are also scheduled as needed.

Office: City Council shall be composed of seven Councilors nominated and elected from the City at large, except that when one or more vacancies exist on the City Council, it shall be deemed to be composed of those persons then holding the office of Councilor.

Vacancies: Two (2)

Term: Both positions are partial terms that expire on December 31, 2022. The vacancy was created with the retirement of Mayor Kenneth Gibson, and Councilor Dave Platt announced on November 17, 2021, City Council Meeting, and effective December 31, 2021.

Office Requirements: Applicants must be qualified electors and have resided in the City for six months immediately preceding election or appointment.

Application Deadline: Applications are due by 4:00 pm, Friday, December 17, 2021; however, that date may be extended at Council's discretion if not filled.

Application: Applications can be found online or at City Hall 15300 SW 116th Ave, King City OR, 97224.


Contact: For questions, contact Ronnie Smith, City Recorder at rsmith@ci.king-city.or.us, or by phone at (503)639-4082