Summa Lodge Homes, LLC - 16935 SW 131st Avenue - 17-Lot Subdivision

16953 SW 131

Project Type:                   Project Status: 
Land Use                            Under Construction

Property Owners:         Project Applicant:  
Summa Lodge                   Mark Dane Planning
Homes, LLC                                                                   

Applicant's Rep:             Public Hearing Date: 
Mark Dane                        December 5, & 19 2018
Mark Dane Planning

About this Project:
The application consists of four parts that are summarized below.

1. Zone Change/Comprehensive Plan Amendment 
The property is was zoned R-12 – Attached Residential, which allows a variety of housing types with a maximum density of 12 units per acre.  The applicant requested a change in the zoning to NMU – Neighborhood Mixed-Use, which allows the same residential uses as R-12 with the addition of neighborhood-scale commercial uses.  The King City Comprehensive Plan provides criteria for evaluating changes in zoning.

2. Subdivision Review
The applicant proposes to develop the property with 16 residential lots and one larger parcel (Lot 17) on the corner of SW 131st Avenue and SW Fischer Road, which is intended for future neighborhood commercial, residential, and/or mixed-use development.  The site layout and buildings shown on the 17 lots are illustrative only, and they are not formally considered as part of this application.  Future development of Lot 17 will be subject to review and approval of a site development review application (Exhibit 8 Plan Set, Sheet P2 – Preliminary Plat).  The townhomes on Lots 1 – 16 will be subject to building permit review and confirmation of compliance with applicable zoning requirements, such as height, setbacks, and building façade design.  

Access is proposed by creating a street with an entrance and exit on both SW 131st Avenue and         SW Fischer Road.  This street, located in Tract B, is proposed to be 26 feet wide with an allowance for parking on one side.  An additional 22-foot wide street access is proposed to serve Lots 7 – 11.  None of the lots would have direct access to either SW 131st Avenue or SW Fischer Road.  The entire street system is proposed to be private.

3. Tree Removal
A tree removal plan was submitted.  The applicant indicates that 15 trees, located on the upland portion of the site, and 5 street trees are proposed for removal to accommodate necessary site grading, homes, and the completion of frontage improvement along SW Fischer Road (Exhibit 2 of the application).  Trees within the western drainageway are proposed to be retained.  The applicant did not submit a protection plan for the trees that are to remain. 

4. Goal 5 Safe Harbor Review
The western drainageway is identified as an area that could be subject to periodic flooding.  In addition, the environmental and habitat value of this drainage course is protected through a combination of city, Clean Water Services (CWS) and state regulations.  CWS has issued a Service Provider Letter (Exhibit 6 of the application) outlining the requirements for development of this property.

In addition, a wetland delineation report was submitted to and approved by the Oregon Division of State Lands (Exhibit 6 of the application).  As indicated in the report, a very small wetland was identified along the western property line.  The applicant proposes to protect the wetland and larger drainageway area, shown as Tract A in the preliminary plat, from development impacts.

Staff Contact:
City staff can be reached via telephone at (503) 639-4082
Keith Liden, City Planner
Mike Weston, City Manager
Ronnie Smith, Assistant Planner

16935 SW 131st Avenue (assessors Map No. 2S1 16AC, Tax Lot 800)

On December 5 and 19, 2018, the Planning Commission held a public hearing to consider the application. The Commission approved the proposed zone change and subdivision application subject to the conditions noted in the Notice of Decision (see Notice of Decision)

Planning Commission packet

Status Updates

The development permit was issued on June 28, 2022

Applied for a building permit for demolition on 7/7/2022

No other building permits have been issued as of 7/7/2022

Updated on 7/7/2022

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