Traffic School

The City of King City is committed to increasing public safety on its streets by giving qualified defendants the chance to participate in a driver safety diversion program.  Programs are designed to heighten driver awareness and establish safer habits that lead to fewer violations and collisions.

Eligibility requirements:
To qualify for a program you must meet the standards established for the specific program. Most often that will include:

  • The ticket involving a single moving violation.
  • No convictions for a moving violation or traffic crime within the last five years.
  • No participation in a court-supervised traffic safety class or diversion program within the last five years.
  • Having a valid non-commercial driver license or permit.

Program Requirements:

  1. Enter a plea of No Contest.
  2. Sign-up for a specific traffic school class (the court clerk will provide the class information).
  3. Pay the court diversion fee in full within the 120-day period.
  4. Contact the school, pay the registration fee and register for the class.
  5. Successfully complete the class.
  6. Provide proof of completion of the class to the court within the 120-day period.

Successful completion of the program within 120-days will result in the ticket being dismissed. The court will not extend the completion date for any reason.

If you are interested in applying for the Traffic School, please contact the court clerk at 503-639-4082.