Paying a Citation

The King City Municipal Court accepts cash, checks, money orders, VISA, and MasterCard for payment of fines.  Payment is accepted over the telephone if you send the credit card authorization form.

#1:  If you wish to pay your fine by mail, please make your check or money order payable to the City of King City, include the citation number on the check or money order, and attach your traffic citation. You may also submit a written explanation if you wish. If you decide to plead no contest by regular mail, you must submit the full presumptive fine amount for each violation on your citation.  To pay a citation, refer to the bottom of your citation. Confirm which box is marked.

King City Municipal Court
15300 SW 116th Ave.
King City, OR 97224

#2: If you wish to pay your fine by phone, you will be required to plead no contest during that process.  

#3 Pay King City Municipal Court fines online through Xpress Bill Pay using Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit/debit cards. Municipal court fines include speeding, distracted driving, and other moving violations.

If you pay this fine online, you’re NOT eligible for traffic school. You must contact the court for traffic school.

To make a payment, you will be asked to enter your citation number and the last name as written on the citation.  The system will display new citations and citations that have a balance owed.  New citations will be available online for payment two weeks after the issue date.  Your online payment is considered a "No Contest" plea.  If you are unable to gain access to your citation or have questions, please contact the King City Municipal Court at 503-620-6444.

Please note not all citations are payable online.  If your citation is in "Suspended" status with the court or is in collections, you are not eligible to pay online.  Some citations may require you to appear before the Judge.

If your citation is in Suspended status, you must call or come into the Court office to pay and have a reinstatement sent to the DMV.

If your citation has been sent to Collections, please call Alliance One at 1-800-456-8838 for more information on how to pay your citation.

There will be a 3% plus $0.50 per transaction charge associated with all Credit/Debit payment options.

There will be a $0.50 per transaction charge for all EFT’s payment options.

We contract with Alliance One to assist our court in the collection process. If you have received notification from Alliance One, you will need to speak directly to them. Once an account has been forwarded to Alliance One, we can no longer assist you at our office.