Budget Committee

The King City Budget Committee consists of the seven city councilors and seven citizens at large. The citizens are appointed by the City Councilors and serve three-year terms.

The committee meets every March and as necessary during the year to review the budget proposed by the City Manager. The meetings are open to the public and input from the public is received at the meetings.

 Budget Committee members can question city staff on financial, programs, and operational matters. The members can suggest and vote on amendments to the proposed budget. Once the Budget Committee votes on the budget and passes it out of committee, it becomes known as the Approved Budget.

The approved budget is referred to the City Council, where a public hearing is held before adoption. The council can adopt the budget as approved or vote on changes prior to adoption.

Current Budget Committee Members:

Position  Name Term Date Appointed Date Term Expires on 
1 Adam Mohr 1/1/2021 4/21/2021 3 12/31/2023
2 Sam Locklin 1/1/2020 2/19/2020 3 12/31/2022
3 Mark Marchese 1/1/2020 2/19/2020 3 12/31/2022
4 Heather Wakem 1/1/2021 4/21/2021 3 12/31/2023
5 Veva Goehler 1/1/2020 2/19/2020 3 12/31/2022
6 Laurie J. Petrie 1/1/2021 4/21/2021 3 12/31/2023
7 Ann Marie Paulsen 1/1/2020 2/19/2020 3 12/31/2022

To find the budget and other financial reports please go to the financial page.