King City Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for deliberating on the Proposed Budget submitted by the City Manager and for sending the Approved Budget to the City Council for adoption.

King City has two openings on the Budget Committee.

The City is accepting applications, please click below for position details and application instructions.

Budget Committee Application Instructions

The committee consists of members of the City Council, including the Mayor and an equal number of appointed members, who must be qualified voters of the City and are not employees, officers or agents of the City. The members have staggered, three-year terms.

Current Budget Committee Members:
  • Dennis G. Ortega: Term expires 12-31-16
  • Brenda Wilkinson: Term expires 12-31-16
  • Bud Wilkinson: Term expires 12-31-16
  • Frank Crow: Term expires 12-31-16
  • Sam Locklin: Term expires 12-31-16

FY17-18 Adopted Budget